Jun 08 2016

Prohibited, limited or allowed: the differences in the legal framework of the electronic cigarette

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Apart from the differences in the level of nicotine, these cigarettes are close to the therapeutic product vaporizer invented ten years ago in China. This means that electronic cigarettes should carry the CE mark and nicotine cartridges must be registered as a medicinal product before being placed on sale.

This method is also supported by Denmark, Hungary, Portugal, Estonia, Germany and Slovakia. In Belgium and Luxembourg if the extract contains snuff recharge it is considered a product of snuff, while if it only contains nicotine it is regulated as a drug.

In some cases, the law may turn out to be striking: in Hong Kong, for example, the sale or possession of electronic cigarettes that have nicotine load can lead to a $100,000 fine and/or imprisonment for 2 years. This is because nicotine is classified as a poison. However, the “vaporizer” without this substance itself is allowed.

“Importation, distribution, marketing and advertising or any other form of promotion of electronic nicotine delivery system called “Electronic Cigarette” is prohibited on the entire national territory, extending the ban to all kinds of accessory for the system or device, such as cartridges containing nicotine,” says the Argentina law. The same is the situation in Uruguay, Mexico, Lithuania, Australia, Brazil, Panama and Singapore.

And amid all the controversy and conflicting reports, there are also countries that currently prefer not to make any legal regulations on the new device. The absence of legislation that restricts them leas to sale, purchase and usage without control. This is the case in Cyprus, Bulgaria, Ireland, Latvia and Slovenia.

Changes insured in the EU.

And while it is not for the European Union to decide for the different member states whether or not “smoking” should be forbidden, it is its job to create a legislative framework for deciding how promote, sell and advertise the “e-cigarettes.

In fact, the 28 governments along with the European Parliament have reached a political agreement that the maximum concentration of nicotine refills is 20 milligrams per milliliter and limits the ability of 2ml refills.
In addition, probably from April next year manufacturers will be obliged to inform the authorities about whether or not their products are medicinal, with curative or preventive properties. 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Jun 08 2016

Tips to quit smoking with electronic cigarette

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The use of the electronic cigarette ElectroniqueLa, whose success has exploded in the last 2 years is a springboard for the smoker who wants to wean tobacco.

With its ultra sophisticated, the electronic cigarette gives the smoker the true smoking sensation with its fragrant steam can be sucked and expired. The steam which is free of harmful agents in 8000 a regular cigarette (like eg tar) contains the nicotine dosage may be reduced gradually. For the choice of materials, the first electronic cigarette to be launched ( one whose form looks exactly like a cigarette) is particularly compelling because it is heavy to hold between your fingers.

That is why the screw on clearomiseur electronic cigarette was invented later. Longest size and very design, it stands between 3 fingers ( index and middle finger on top and thumb below ) providing the smoker a much better return of taste. His e liquid tank comes in many sizes to suit all types of smokers , whether small or large consumers.

Choose e liquid

E- liquids come in different flavors, the most popular flavors are tobacco, menthol and fruity . Their advantage: they are sold under several dosages of nicotine so as to adapt to small smokers and heavy smokers and means in which the tobacco flavor is particularly recommended in the beginning. The success factor of using an e- cigarette lies in the choice of e liquid flavor that will be consumed , so it is important to test several to find the flavor and nicotine dosage that suits you best.